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Advait Ghuge is a Dallas, Texas based Actor, Model, and Singer/Songwriter whose story began in Mumbai, India.  At the young age of 2, he immigrated with his parents to the US where he spent most of his years between Detroit, Michigan and East Texas.  

 Advait grew up with an artist mother and practicing doctor father.  "I remember sitting in my mother's home studio when I was little, watching her paint and draw on canvas after canvas.  There was something mesmerizing about how she looked at each new piece - as if she was being pulled into them."  From a young age, Advait was encouraged to participate in art competitions and poetry competitions both of which he won frequently.  "To the young me, who felt so isolated from all my peers -  imagination, books, art - these were worlds I could disappear into when I didn't want to be here.  It was a beautiful place where I could make anything, be anything, see anything."

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